Mary C.

Over a year ago, I finally began to care that I was slowly killing myself from the inside out.  A combination of extreme stress and grief over the death of my son seven years prior was taking a toll on my physical health. I was using poor choices with food as an emotional crutch, and was numbing my emotional pain with a bottle of wine every night. I was doing grief work with a therapist, but just was not taking good care of my body.  After seeing the results of some routine lab work, and having my primary care physician wanting to put me on a statin, I knew I needed help. I wasn’t one hundred percent confident, though, that I could actually make the changes that I needed to make to reverse the course of my health. I also didn’t want more medications to be the answer…

Then you happened to me, through some divine intervention I might add, and our journey began. In our first session together, you instantly made it comfortable and safe for me to do some “authentic truth telling” as you call it. Especially, about the alcohol consumption which held some shame for me. Staying honest has been key. With your positivity, warmth and humor, I have felt zero judgment as our sessions together have unfolded, even when I’ve stumbled as I slowly let go of and gave up those “crutches” of mine. You’ve facilitated letting me lead the way at my own speed all the while giving me helpful information, lots of encouragement, and a few direct “get real” talks when I needed those nudges. Plus, you’ve kept me motivated to just flat out keep going with this process of doing the hard work necessary to heal.

As of today, the brain fog is gone, my lab work is improving, my sleep is better, and I feel that I’ve taken charge of my health. I’ve lost 20 lbs, feel better, brighter and lighter all due to you showing me the what, the how, and the why of this work. You have consistently helped me and continue to help me create the action steps necessary to achieve my goals. My biggest win has been regaining hope for a medication free healthy lifestyle future. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I feel like you’ve led me, mostly “crutch free”, to the edge of the tree line where the sun is definitely shining again!

Thersa H.

Today I’ve lost 29lbs and I walk 1-2 miles a day.  I’m stronger, I’m better and I’m doing things I didn’t even think possible for me! I’m, definitely, a work in progress but I’m doing it every day and loving it!

When I first started working with you I could only walk 10-15min a day. I was dealing with gall bladder issues and my body was sick and tired!  We worked together with my doctor to find the best options possible to get me healthy. I made the decision to proceed with gall bladder surgery and take a brief break for recovery. You were still there, texting, calling or stopping by to check in and help with recovery.

You helped me realize it’s about more than just physical health.  It’s being kind to yourself and finding what works for you and what doesn’t; it’s overall health. My biggest win is waking up every day with a healthy mindset, being a role model for my family and friends, and having confidence in myself and healthy choices for me.  Kara you have a special gift, thank you for sharing a part of that with me! I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Amy W.

I just feel happier and more in control.  I’ve lost 50lbs, gotten rid of my migraines, and now make “me time” a priority.  I’m more aware of how food and sleep and recovery affect my body and my mood.  It’s cool to feel empowered to talk with my doctor.  I have work to do, but my health, my job and my overall attitude have improved significantly.

Your approach has helped me to focus on overall wellness rather than just the number on the scale.  I didn’t feel well when I met you, and I was so angry!  I was hesitant to work with you because I knew it meant admitting I was struggling and needed help.  You made it easy to talk and face my problems.  I appreciate that you never hesitated to be direct or to reinforce my choices.  I hope to not need you again, but I’ll definitely call if I do.

Tom G.

Now I can get off the floor without help and walk up stairs without the rail.  My daily pain level has, easily, gone from an 8 to a 3 over the 12 weeks.  I may even try to golf again, I feel so good.  It’s really been a life changing experience.  When we met, I was in bad shape and worried about the future.  I was in a lot of pain and struggling to even get off the floor on my own.  I wasn’t ready to sign up to change my eating habits, and hoped you had some other ideas.  In just three weeks (of working on basic mobility and stretching), I already felt better.  You convinced me to start working with my massage therapist again and try some supplements and things really changed.  I’d never have imagined the simple things you were doing with me could make such a difference.  I will definitely keep up the work.

Jennifer M.

We continue to cook at home more than we used to my digestive issues have greatly improved, and I’ve gotten back to a workout routine I’d missed.  In the beginning, my hesitation was about confidentiality.  It’s not easy for me to open up about some of the most vulnerable areas of my life.  But you listened, researched, and did what you could to help with all the issues I was managing all the while keeping it between us.  You are very passionate, focused and committed to helping your clients.  I was thankful that we were able to do face-to-face meetings as I don’t know that I would have gotten as much from phone sessions.

The guidance you gave on coffee creamer options, sauerkraut brands, supplements, etc. was very helpful.  With so many products out there, it’s hard to know what’s worth my money and what isn’t.  You are a great coach, and I look forward to watching your business grow.

Lorie G.

This program helped me to make change through small goals rather than trying to conquer the world.  Today, I am killing it with regard to making healthier food choices.  I am prepping and cooking at home each week and not hungry every day like I used to be.  I didn’t know if I was in the right mental space for this process when I started, but you really worked to get to know me and my lifestyle so I could make steady changes that could be sustained.

Joe G.

I’m probably more mobile at 56 than I’ve been since my twenties thanks to our one-on-one time!  My 15 years in IT behind a computer had taken a toll on my body.  Mobility was a struggle, especially with my hips and shoulders, making basic squats and overhead movements risky.  Our training sessions zeroed in on my individual needs, and the at-home exercises you outlined continue to support gains today.  I love doing CrossFit with my family and I love how it makes me feel, so I’m grateful for the extra help to keep me in the game.

Caryn S.

This program was unlike any other plan I’ve done; it went far beyond food and my goal to just lose weight.  I learned so much about myself, my habits and desires than I ever expected.  I just feel better, overall, about my body.  The stomach issues and bloating I couldn’t get rid of are all but gone thanks to taking nuts out almost completely, figuring out what vegetables caused me problems, and adding in Kombucha.  And I don’t even miss coffee creamer or cheese anymore.  I’m more mindful of the time spend eating out and socializing with friends.  Getting in the habit of prepping food has, actually, made staying home more enjoyable than going out so often.  And finding Primed & Paleo for lunches has been the best thing to help keep meals creative!  I thought my sleep was good before, but it’s even better now that I’ve cut dinner wine out during the week.

The weekly check-ins and keeping a food journal were helpful to my success.  When I felt like I was failing, your insight helped me reframe the situation, understand my behavior, and strategize next steps. You came in to my life at the perfect time and met me with such gentleness, positive attitude, and passion.  I love that my daughter is also working with you.  It’s amazing how this experience has brought our family together with a common commitment.  You have a special gift and use your talents so wisely.  I am so grateful! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Bonnie L.

The biggest learning for me was how important it is for me to nourish my body even when I’m not hungry.  I was uncomfortable about having to face the facts of how unhealthily I eat.  You helped guide me and teach me how to make more conscious choices with my meals.  It’s easy to let my schedule get in the way too often and end up neglecting to eat a real meal.  I know that finding substitutes for the foods I love and having an accountability partner will be important for my success.

Allison F.

I…felt somewhat knowledgeable from previous experience, but I felt stuck. Your tools broadened my perspective (and) freed up mental space for me to actually start.

I came to Kara with physical goals. It quickly became evident that my underlying health needed to be the first priority.  Kara helped identify a starting place based off my initial symptoms and feedback. As I began that journey, I also became more aware of the affect mental and spiritual wellness has on overall health. Stress and inflammation were predominant in my life and were negatively impacting my energy levels and digestion. I began incorporating more nutrient dense foods and found that my body was more satisfied and felt fueled. This changed my mindset I was able to gain a greater awareness that a body/mind/heart running on empty is not beneficial to anyone.  I now have the tools…to remain in a healthy state of mind and heart.   I can’t tell you what a difference from a year ago to now has made.  Seriously.  Still a work in progress, but on so many levels just moving towards better holistic health.

Candie S.

My headaches and brain fog are gone, I’m sleeping better, and I’m eating many more foods than I was before.  I’ve even found a way to enjoy eating out again.  I have to admit I was worried you wouldn’t have the information necessary to help with my gluten sensitivity.  I was sick and tired, and getting nowhere with my doctor.  You really helped me to connect the dots between the foods I was eating and how I felt.  My greatest learning is that this isn’t just about my diet; it’s about all the choices I make in my life including stress, energy, sleep and even exercise.  I don’t even like the gym but thanks to your patience and creativity I have a plan for exercise MY way.  My hips and knees feel better, I have more energy, and I’m even sweating!

Michele G

I didn’t believe I could make these changes, and now I’m not happy doing just the minimum.  Often it doesn’t feel like little changes count, but talking through small steps really helped me to create a realistic plan I could achieve.  Even as a nurse I was missing the connection between my stress, how the body works and my overall health.  Now I want to be an even healthier version of me, and a good example for my patients.

Tricia S.

Figuring out my MORE goal was the game changer for me.  I want to lose weight and be healthier but I want to be a role model for my teenage daughter even more.  Once that became my goal, the way I thought about things changed a lot.  I used to hide food from her, but now I don’t have to because I know what I’m eating is healthy.  I see her making better choices when we shop and packing her own lunch for school and that makes ME want to make another good choice.

You always joked that getting healthy “isn’t about broccoli and sit-ups”, but you were so right! After, finally, making the decision to work with you after so many years, I figured it’d be all about telling me how to live like you with a strict diet and workout schedule, but it was nothing like that.  I did learn about healthy foods and I even started walking (and I HATE exercise!), but I also learned how much my thoughts and feelings were affecting my healthy choices.  I keep a daily journal now.  I’m way more conscious of the food I’m eating and when I’m eating.  I even feel better asking my doctor questions about my health now.  I am, definitely, still a work in progress but feel so much better and so much more in control of my life and health.

Jane W.

I had a lot of “gut issues” when we started.  I had been taking MiraLAX® daily for many years to deal with them, but since working with the MORE program I’m totally off of it.  I loved the information you’d send me.  The knowledge I’ve gained has changed the way I look at and eat food.  I read labels at the store before I buy now, and definitely feel better.  I hadn’t really heard of a health coach before reaching out to you.  You truly love what you’re doing, and are dedicated to making others’ lives better!

Ally B.

It really is a process not a quick fix.  I had a pretty good knowledge of nutrition and healthy lifestyle before starting, but I still learned so much. I’ve realized how much of the food we eat everyday is processed and not necessarily what we should be consuming.  It opened my eyes to a different way of eating I’d never thought much about before.

Steve B.

At 65yo, I’m just plain healthier.  Heck, I just ran a quarter of a mile in 2:10! Who would’ve thought that just two hours per week of warm-ups, strength work, a short work out and stretching could help with that?  My core, leg, and shoulder are stronger and that came in handy during two big home moves this year.  Best of all, my “numbers” are where they need to be: BP 120/80; total cholesterol 166 (HDL: 73), triglycerides 109. Real health – the kind that makes you feel better and enjoy life every day – is a core value for you, and that makes the difference.  You know your stuff about food and exercise, but use it to custom fit a program that challenges me just right.  After this last year of personal training with you, I’ve realized that I either pay you or the health care system.  You’re tough, but I feel better and have a lot of grandkids to hang around for so I’ll stick with you.

Chad & Brandi L.

Honestly, when my husband and I signed on to work with you we thought you’d take everything away.  We didn’t know we could break the cycle of poor choices and still live.  Then we met and learned it was about learning how to eat better and deciding for ourselves what that looked like.  You understood we were busy and helped us develop a plan that fit our lifestyle; something we could stick to and see results.

It really is the little things that made the biggest difference.  We didn’t realize that skipping meals or eating out were really affecting us so much.  I’m surprised how little I miss all the carbs I used to eat!  The knee pain my husband had been dealing with for three months is nearly gone now.  Thanks to adding fish oil and some physical therapy he’s off the medication he was taking.  And my headaches are gone!

I feel like my whole life has been an effort in losing weight, and now I can finally do it for myself.  You were more than a health coach for us; you became a friend.  While we don’t always stick to what we learned, we always come back to it.

Madi S.

It’s easy for people to see changing your food habits as a diet, but now I know it’s not that at all.  I was nervous about getting pressured to get results, but you really helped me to see the bigger picture of what I wanted for my health.  I feel better about food choices I’m making now.  I used to think a salad was healthy eating, but now I know what I need in a meal.  Snacking used to be big, but now I’m more conscious of when I’m really hungry.  Losing body fat was icing on the cake.  The cooler part what was I learned about making healthy choices.  Now I can help my dad and my friends.  I appreciated being able to reach out to you when I had questions throughout the program, and think I’d like to try adding in some personal training in the future.

Michael H.

My biggest win was really whatever benefit(s) my wife got out of the program.  Her being more focused helps me stay focused.  Aside from that, recognizing that I continue to eat unhealthy food to punish myself for taking the first bite was also helpful.  Your clients need to know that you’ll give them what they need not necessarily what they want.  You also do it in a way they can accept even if it has to happen over a period of time.  Starting my day off with a healthy meal will be important to sustaining the lifestyle changes we’ve put in place.  I feel equipped to move forward; I just have to do it.