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Hello! I’m Kara Foster, founder and owner of More Life & Health.

My Story

Unlike many coaches, I don’t have a heroic tale of resolved illness that brought me to functional medicine.  The truth is I’m a behavior change expert who, after years of making a living trying to “fix” everyone else, finally realized it was my own behavior that needed changing.

My father survived his cancer diagnosis.  Despite her all-natural, witch doctor ways, my mother didn’t.  It was those experiences that set the stage for my up close and personal look at the harsh truths that underlie getting and, more importantly, staying well in modern society.

Years later, I discovered CrossFit®.  I was a fitness and diet (notice I didn’t say “health”) junkie, and saw a huge opportunity to master my own body so I could tell others how to master theirs.  CrossFit’s premise of living well through whole food nutrition, constantly varied functional movement, and healthy community resonated with me immediately.  The researcher and learner in me took over.  I became a multi-level instructor and dug in deep on nutrition, meal planning, body mechanics and recovery.  I put my corporate career on pause and, instead, focused those skills on improving the performance of my gym clients.

It worked…until it didn’t.

As clients and colleagues began to struggle on the “just do more broccoli and sit-ups” prescription I was handing out, I had to step back and see what I was missing.  Imagine my shock when I realized it was the uniquely individual humans standing right in front me! People with health stories and challenges that went well beyond better food choices and more time at the gym.

That experience flipped my own wellness script and planted me firmly on a path to becoming “more” of the example, health partner and guide my clients needed.  My hobby became a calling (part of my “more”), and in 2016 More Life & Health was born.  It became my mission to seek out new truths.  Truths that would, boldly, invite men and women to reclaim more of the life and health they’d gotten used to paying others to find for them.

Today, with a wealth of of client experience and functional medicine and nutrition education behind me, wellness “truth-telling” has become part of my mission as a health coach.  Helping clients embrace the truth about how the body works and how it responds to every choice they make, flips their internal script on the role they can play in resolving chronic illness, resistant weight loss, autoimmune symptoms and more.  Better yet, it reconnects them with their own power to not only get well but stay well.


    • Natural living is part of my essence. I was raised by a “witch doctor” momma who instilled the values of whole foods and natural home remedies as the prescription for sustainable health.  That doesn’t mean I don’t believe in doctors or conventional medicine.  It just means I train to be my own first line of defense when I’m sick.
    • I know how tough it can be to make healthy living a priority. I’ve lived the corporate office and consultant life, and know the obstacles that travel, chronic stress, poor sleep, and food-on-the-run can be.
    • I’m an aging athlete who still wants to go hard at life. I struggle daily to orchestrate all of the nutrition, supplementation, healthy movement and recovery required to do it well.
    • I’m still a work in progress when it comes to true wellness, so you can count on me to be a partner without judgment. I don’t have “the answer”, but I’m confident I can lend a perspective and a few well-practiced tips for you to consider.

    • National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC),
    • Applied Functional Medicine Certified Coach (AFMC), The School of Applied Functional Medicine™
    • Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach (FMCHC), Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (a collaboration with the Institute of Functional Medicine)
    • Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition
    • CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer with 10 years of experience helping people develop strategies for integrating healthy movement into daily life
    • Change facilitator with over a decade of experience helping adults navigate transition in the corporate arena
    • Educator (MAT / MSEd) experienced in using behavior modification strategies to equip kids to be successful at learning and life

    • I’m an off-the-charts Type A personality.
    • I’m an over-45 CrossFit junkie, and can’t imagine life without that kind of intensity in it.
    • Meditation feels like punishment! But I’m trying it 2-3 minutes each day. (Stuff works!)
    • I’m a knowledge nerd who trades sun, fun, and friends for books and online seminars more than I should. (More Life & Health was, likely, born out of my own need for more health in the life department!)
    • I’m a natural cynic. Grumpy Cat could, indeed, be my spirit animal.


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